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Drag & Drop: Light Sweeps

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Drag & Drop: Light Sweeps | 405 MB
format: djanimations | 60+ Clips & Overlays | 1920x1080 FULL HD | Works with ANY Editing System

No need to wait for A Flash of Inspiration.
A pinch of sweeping light can be the secret ingredient to subtly punctuate a moment of importance in your footage

You've captured the footage and planned your edit but there is something missing. You need a flash of inspiration, something to punctuate the importance of key moments and drive the production forward with a breath of cleansing light. Luckily, you now have the Digital Juice Drag & Drop Series at your disposal. Just like a new broom which sweeps clean, the brand new Drag & Drop Light Sweeps volume of flashing light effects banishes the cobwebs of a dull or uninspired production. A flash of inspired light can add just the right amount of excitement to a clip or help transition the action from one scene to the next in the blink of an eye.
 With more than 60 uniquely useful high-end light sweep clips and overlays to choose from, you can unify and enliven the look of every production by sweeping across your edit at key moments and transition points with a pinch of beautiful active light. Simply by dragging any of these designs on top of your footage with the appropriate blend mode, you can elevate your footage from dull to inspired -- raising the production value of a piece instantly, and making you look like a lighting and editing guru in seconds. The gentle sweep of flashing light provided by each Drag & Drop clip drives the edit forward, while framing and accenting your subject matter and punctuating important moments when needed. Combining text or logos with a Light Sweeps background can also give you a quick and easy titling solution that won't overwhelm your content.


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