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Drag & Drop: GlitchFX

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Drag & Drop: GlitchFX | 2.26 GB
format: djanimations | 50+ Clips & Overlays | 1920x1080 FULL HD | Works with ANY Editing System

Send a Powerful Signal
Send a surge of energy through your edits and move your message forward at the speed of light

A glitch is usually defined as a transient fault or error in a system that quickly corrects itself. Visually, it manifests as a jolt or pulse of electrical energy onscreen. This random and unpredictable error has the ability to symbolize a host of concepts that would otherwise be impossible to illustrate, from futuristic communication, natural disaster and complete chaos to suspense, fear and space age technology. While you cant program a glitch to hit your camera equipment at just the right moment in your shoot, if you are lucky enough to have the Digital Juice Drag & Drop Series at your disposal, you can still convey these concepts with the judicious use of some glitch effects.

 The Drag & Drop GlitchFX volume includes more than 50 uniquely useful high-end glitch effects backgrounds, designed to send a powerful signal by adding a surge of visual energy to your production. Simply by dragging any of these effects on top of your footage with the appropriate blend mode, you can add symbolism and context to yourfootage without saying a word -- raising the production value of a project instantly, and making you look like an inspired genius in seconds. The subtle visual cues provided by the powerful energy glitch elements in each Drag & Drop clip evoke specific concepts, environments and situations for your production, while giving your subject matter an energetic jolt that moves your message forward at the speed of light. Combining text or logos with a GlitchFX background can also give you a quick and easy titling solution that has a futuristic edge without overwhelming your content.


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